2020 Board Members

Board meetings are open to the public, see our calendar for details.

Name Contribution Official Title
Nick Mellenthin
Spearheads the monthly board meeting. Keeps the peace when board members strongly disagree. Solicits input from members. Creates the autoX events on motorsportreg. Investigates new venues. Schedules and confirms event dates with venues. Reginal Executive (RE) 
Nelson Santos
 Lots of behind-the-scenes work for autoX and rallyX. Often involved in setup/teardown of timing equipment. Usually brings the bus to AutoX events.  Assistant RE
Carlotta Ford
Pushes us toward having tidy, organized autoX events. Publishes the monthly newsletter. Answers general questions posted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Secretary
Zach Shaddox
Keeps the flame burning behind the scenes for our RallyX program. Creates the events on motorsportreg. Chairs about four events a year, and encourages others to also chair events so we can have more events.   RallyX Chair
Ben Walker
Liason with Stuttgart Municipal Airport. Pushes us toward efficient running of events. Investigates new venues.  Autocross Chair
Chris Edens
 Offers a historical perspective for the club, like what has worked in the past and why.   Competition Chair
Layton Cater Spearheads our advanced driver school   Autocross Chair
Rick Burden
Rallycross course setup / Photography   Member at Large
Corey Pettett Has experience as a course designer, tech inspector, and safety steward.  Member at Large
Brandon Olvey Helps us take care of details.   Treasurer
Adam Cadorette
Shows up early at autoX events to spearhead tech inspection.   Member at Large
Jack Desert
Publishes live and historical results.
Updates web content.
Advocates for Fun Runs