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2019 Board Members

Regional Executive
Nick Mellenthin

Assistant Regional Executive
Nelson Santos
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Carlotta Ford

Trisha Guenther

Activities Chair
Brady Loretz

Autocross Chair

RallyCross Chair
Zach Shaddox

Competition Chair
Chris Edens
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Membership Chair
Shawn McAllister
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Cory Pettett and Adam Cadorette

Web Master
Park Kelley
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Past Regional Executive
Chris Edens

Midiv Liaison
Janet Berry


ARSCCA Board Meeting August 6, 2019


Members Present

Nick Mellenthin

Chris Edens

Adam Cadorette

Brady Loretz

Nelson Santos

Carlotta Ford


Others Present

Mike Ford

Ben Walker

Izabel Santos

Jack Desert


Nick went to NLR airport to discuss possible use of the site for events.  They weren’t interested as they have too much traffic and there wasn’t enough revenue.  Nick did receive a book with all 92 airports in Arkansas and was told to possibly contact Camp Robinson and the Conway airport.


Nick and Carlotta went to Newport airport to discuss possible use of their site for events.  We spoke with Jim Martin with the airport and they were very positive about the possibility of having future events in Newport.  We did a ride around and the side road was too bumpy to use as part of the course, but we determined it would make an okay grid or paddock.  The runway he said we could use is freshly sealed with blacktop and has fresh paint.  It is 150 ft. wide and 5000 ft. long and we were told we could use about 1/3 of the runway.  They are planning to install new runway lights and will have a meeting at the end of the month to determine when the project will start.  They are expecting construction September/October or October/November. 

We may not be able to use the site this year, but we will keep in contact and could possibly have it on the agenda for 2020.  He did mention that we should contact the mayor to see if we needed security or ask how many port-a-pottys we needed to have onsite for an event based on the number of people we expect (if or when we use the site).  Recommended that we also check on the old Wynne or Forrest City airports.  The two airports went together to build a new airport in a different location and the old ones were probably not being used. 

Brady checked the two old airport locations online and neither looked to be in good shape using Google maps.  The board determined that we would probably not pursue either location. 


We began with a list of 7 possible airports.  With the positive feedback from Newport, we have decided to pare the remaining list down to two – Stuttgart and Walnut Ridge.  The plan is to talk to at least one of the two over the next two months.  We are also going to pursue Camp Robinson.  The hope is that we can get a positive from at least one of the three sites.


No event on Saturday at all, but we will have the event on Sunday.  Nelson said he has an email from earlier in the year showing we could have the site on Saturday, but we were not on the schedule for the entire weekend.  Possible needs to confirm dates throughout the year.  Nick to schedule the port-a-pottys.  Weather predictions are for very hot on Sunday.  Nelson to get the truck on Friday and either he or Nick will have the truck on site by 6:30Am.  Nick will pick up ice and there should be plenty of water in the truck.  Request for a canopy for the waiver table.

Nick mentioned that Rick Davis is setting up Go Kart practice sessions at Rodney’s Cycle House off I530.  This would only be on Sunday(s), so if you have a Kart and your young’un is interested in practice sessions, contact Rick Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask for more information.


The Mopar club wants us to host an event April 18th next year.  Nick will get back with him.  They would need to discuss with War Memorial, and we would host.  Issues with Corvette Club came up regarding the number of cars that participated this year. 


We will be holding meetings the first Wednesday of every month at Corkey’s in NLR rather than finding out which day would be best for most board members.  The September meeting will be open invite for the whole club.  Would need to get possible headcount to ensure the space availability.


Awards banquet was discussed.  We will be holding it at the Pinnacle Mt. Restaurant again.  We will check on dates to schedule.  Normally this is first Saturday in December with the Hangover race on Sunday; however, since we couldn’t get War Memorial on the date requested, we didn’t schedule the banquet.  More info as it becomes available. 


Requesting website access be shared with Jack Desert.  He has volunteered to help keep the site up to date.  Nick to contact Park for the info.  Jack also asked if there was a way to fix our Facebook page so it would send out notifications any time something is posted.  This would need to be checked on a PC.  We were unable to find a way to do this over cell.


Adam requested a sign be made to show people where tech would be.  White yard signs like we had made to show directions for ProSolo would work.  There was also a request for a No Thru Traffic sign and Brady requested a sign to put at the beginning of the course to show if it is ready for course walk.  Request was made to have someone on the microphone early to let people know how setup is going, getting them to Tech as soon as they arrive, and when the course was open for walking. 



Nick mentioned the positive feedback from people on getting a course map posted prior to the event.  Brady said he could send something, but there could be changes made on the day of race based on Safety Steward or other possible obstructions.