The past few months have been busy, but the summer events are in the books and it's time to look forward to "fall" in Arkansas. 

Up first, the 2018 ARSCCA RallyX Championship Series gets back into action Saturday September 8th at Greenbrier Rally Park! That's right, after being absent from the RX calendar for the past 3 seasons, ARSCCA RallyX is headed back to Greenbrier AR where it all started back in 2012. For those who have never had the chance to rally at our Greenbrier site, it offers a harder packed surface with a mix of gravel that offers lots of grip and plenty of speed. Don't wait. Register now!

Click here to register for RallyX Round #4.

Just 2 weeks after the September Rallyx, ARSCCA AutoX is back in action again at the Arkansas Aeroplex in Blytheville!  Our home away from home offers national level courses with plenty of challenges and LOTS of speed!  If you've never tried autox at Blytheville you're really missing out.  It's definitely worth the drive. 

Click here to register for AutoX Round #11.

Click here to register for AutoX Round #12.