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Every run counts in RallyX. To get your final score, add up the times for all of your runs plus any penalties.

Cone Penalty

+2 seconds for a toppled or misplaced cone. Call the number of cones over the radio: “Corner 1, +1 on (car description)”. In AxWare, click the “+” to add a cone.

Missed Gate Penalty

+10 seconds for each missed gate. A missed gate means you drove on the wrong side of a cone without moving the cone. Call in missed gates over the radio: “Corner 3, One missed gate on (car description)” In AxWare, enter the number 1 in the MG column.

The results generated by AxWare display a missed gate with a slash. For example, “35.000+2/1” means 35 seconds plus two cones and one missed gate.

DNF Penalty

300 seconds total for a DNF. DNFs are rare in RallyX. It essentially means you did not cross the finish line. It generally means mechanical failure. (See the section on Debeads and Other Mechanical Failures). Call over the radio: “Corner 2, DNF on (car description)”. DO NOT CALL A DNF FOR A MISSED GATE. This is where autocross and rallycross differ. In autocross, missing a gate constitutes a DNF. In rallycross it does not.

In AxWare, mark this run as a DNF. AxWare will automatically fill in the penalty when it generates results.

Debeads and Other Mechanical Failures

Say your car debeads or has some other mechanical failure. If you can fix it—or borrow another car—within 10 minutes, you get a rerun. Limit one rerun per driver per event.

Chairing an Event

In order to have more events per year, we count on various club members to step up and take a turn chairing events.

Here is a checklist for chairing an event.

When you chair an event, you don’t have to DO everything on the list, but it becomes your job to make sure all those things happen. Ask for help!

Tech Inspection

Here is a decent guide to tech inspection.

Setting Up The Timing Lights

Two pairs of timing lights. The one marked “S” is for start, “F” is for finish.

The unmarked halves (mates) can go with either “S” or “F”.

The receiver plugs into the computer. “Eyes” will change from XX to 12 when eyes can see their mates.

Scoreboard plugs into an antenna. (And into power??)