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Arkansas Region Solo Events
2019 Supplemental Rules

Arkansas Region Solo events shall be conducted by the 2019 SCCA Solo Regulations with specific supplements as described in these Rules.

1. These supplemental rules define additional categories, bumping, trophies, point system modifications, Arkansas Region Championships and other rules applicable to Arkansas Region Solo events.
2. All categories and classes will use the best-recorded indexed time, plus penalties, to determine finish positions within the category or class for each event.
3. Indexing is according to the 2019 Racers Theoretical Performance Index, aka PAX.
4. Cars may be entered in an event with no more than four drivers and no more than two drivers per heat.
5. For safety reasons at our events, if you hit a cone after the finish lights, the run may be scored as a DNF (Did Not Finish).

Individual competition categories per 2019 SCCA Solo Rules:

There is a corresponding ladies class for each open class. For example, in addition to the Super Street (SS) class there is also a Super Street Ladies (SSL) that uses the same rules and indexing. Ladies are welcome to enter either open or ladies class.

KM, JA, JB, JC, – Kart Modified & Junior karts

SSR, SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS – Street (most unmodified cars go here)

STF, STS, STX, STR, STU, STP – Street Touring

CAMC, CAMT, CAMS – Classic American Muscle

HCS, HCR – Heritage Classic

ASP, BSP, CSP, DSP, ESP, FSP, – Street Prepared

SMF, SM, SSM – Street Modified

XP, BP, CP, DP, EP, FP, HCR – Prepared

AM, BM, CM, DM, EM, FM, FSAE – Modified

Regional Supplemental class Street Tire Modified


A category or class with less than two competitors may be bumped per 2019 SCCA Solo rule book with the following exceptions:
1. A single modified entry will bump backwards to prepared.
2. All bumps will be indexed.
3. Bumping will not be included in year end points.

This permits us to cut down on the number of classes if needed, but in practice we rarely use bump classes.

* A driver may not compete in more than one car per event 
* A driver may not compete in more than one class/category per event.
* Failure to complete work assignments during the event may result in disqualification. Since this is a volunteer sport, all participants help with work assignments such as course workers, safety stewards, timing, grid, starter, and others as assigned by the event chair. Autocross chair may determine if substantial work prior to event start, i.e., course set-up, tech, or
registration, can be used as work assignments.

* Events will typically consist of a six runs per driver; however, number of runs may be altered due to weather, attendance, or other conditions. The decision to reduce number of runs will be made by the event chair and autocross chair.
* Event registration shall be closed one hour before scheduled Start time. Only the event chair may grant exceptions.
* Entrants shall declare their category and class upon registration. If the entrant does not know, and the registrar is unable to determine the appropriate category and class, the decision will be made by the tech inspector, or another person designated by the Autocross chair.
* If a “Points” event is terminated early (not all drivers completing at least two runs) due to conditions beyond the control of the club, it should be rescheduled. A “No Points” event so terminated may or may not be rescheduled.
* Event Chair and Safety Steward will determine if “instructional runs” will be permitted. Only registered participants will be allowed to drive during the “instructional run” period.

Instructional Runs
Instructional runs are not “automatic.” The Event chair shall determine, at the close of scheduled competition, if sufficient time is available and an adequate number of volunteer course workers are available.
* Event chair shall set a specific time limit.
* Event chair shall set the price per run.
* Only registered drivers of the day’s event shall be permitted to drive during instructional runs.
* Non-competitors may ride along, per SCCA passenger rules, but shall be accompanied by a registered competitor.
* Use of non-entered vehicles is not permitted.

* Trophies will be awarded for season points as part of the Regional Championships.
* Trophies may be awarded at selected events, such as our annual Governor’s Cup event.

Pax points are awarded as follows:
First place – 10 points in class
Second place – 9 points
Third place – 8 points
Fourth place – 7 points
Fifth place – 6 points
Sixth place – 5 points
Seventh place – 4 points
Eighth place – 3 points
Ninth place – 2 points
Tenth place – 1 points

Class points are awarded as follows:
First place – 11 points in class
Second place – 9 points
Third place – 8 points
Fourth place – 7 points
Fifth place – 6 points
Sixth place – 5 points
Seventh place – 4 points
Eighth place – 3 points
Ninth place – 2 points
Tenth place – 1 points

Class Points will be awarded for each class having an entry. Points are awarded to each competitor, regardless of membership or eligibility for a Region Championship.

Region Championship

* There will be an opportunity for Region Champion in each class and category adopted by the Arkansas Region.
* To qualify for a Regional Championship a driver must be a member of the Arkansas Region of SCCA before July 1 of the current year. Points earned in the current year before becoming a member will be counted.
* Only points at Arkansas Region sponsored Points events will be counted.
* A driver must compete in a minimum of half of the events held plus one (rounded upward) of the Arkansas Region sponsored Points events to qualify.
* There will be two “drops” in the season for each driver. “Drops” do not count towards the season totals. For example, suppose there were 10 season points events, and you placed 1st in class at 8 events, 3rd in class at another event, and missed the remaining event. In that case, your missed event and 3rd place finish would be your “drops” and your season total would be 80 points.