What kind of car do I need?

You can bring pretty much any car, as long as it is wider than it is tall, and as long as it passes tech. 


What do they check for in tech?

  • No loose items in car or in in trunk
  • Battery must be tied down. Basically they will yank on your battery and make sure it doesn't move.
  • All lug nuts present
  • Throttle body return spring works
  • Brake pedal must be firm
  • Tires: no cords showing at the beginning of event
  • Tires: some tread must be present at beginning of event
  • Wheel bearings / tie rods / ball joints: No obvious play. Basically this means someone will plant their foot against the front of your front wheel and make sure it doesn't move when they shove against it.
  • No fluid leaks


How do I register?

We hope you will register online, using the link from our schedule. Not only does this save you $10, it helps us get our events started on time. (Less paperwork to do the morning of.)


Do I have to be a member to register?

Anyone can sign up for an event. Members save $20. 


What class does my Autocross car belong in?

If you are new to AutoX, you may want to just ask someone what class your car belongs in. To figure it out yourself, look in Appendix A of the 2019 SCCA Rulebook. Any given car has multiple classes that it can potentially compete in, based on the level of modification. If your car is completely bone stock running street legal tires on stock wheels, you will mostly likely be in a one of the "street" classes: AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, or HS. If your car has some modifications, the rule book above outlines which classes allow which modifications.


What is a Codriver Number?

Beginning in 2021 we are adopting the national standard for codriver numbers. That is, if two people are both driving the same car, one of them must have a number between 1 and 99, the other must have a number that is 100 greater than the first driver. For example, you could sign up as 27 and 127. This makes it easier to keep track of cars.