Novice Autocross Advice

1. Have fun

2. Don't expect too much. Autox is a high-skill sport and your learning
curve will be very steep at the beginning. Your goal is to be better on the
second run than on the first, then better on the third, etc. What the class
leaders are doing at this time is utterly irrelevant.

3. You'll probably get lots of advice and pointers. So much, it will be like
drinking from a firehose. Use and work on what makes sense, and what
doesn't just forget it for now. Later sometime the light bulb will go on. Or
someone else will say the same thing a different way and it will click.

4. Have fun.

5. Don't worry about a quick spin. but if the car feels like it is beginning
to get away from you, DO NOT try to save the run. Straighten it out and
regain control, even if it means blowing a gate or a turn. And then, DO
complete the course. It's still good practice and experience.

6. Get an experienced person to walk the course with you. Twice if possible.
Then do it the third time by yourself and see how much you remember what was
told to you (but keep #3 above in mind too).

7. If allowed, get an experienced person to ride with you, at least on the
early runs. Last run at least, do it solo.

8. If possible, do your work assignment in an early heat and run in a later
heat. Try to get on a busy corner, with an experienced person. Ask him to
explain what people are doing right or wrong in that corner.

9. Have fun.

10. Tell everyone you're a newbie. Solicit advice, especially from others in
your class. You'll find this a group that is very free with helpful guidance
(at least until you are faster than they are).

11. Other than making sure it is in top running condition, don't blow a lot
of money on your car yet. Invest in the driver first. If you have a chance
to do a driver school, do it. Consider spending money on mods
to the car (including tires) after your own performance curve begins to

12. Did I remember to mention: HAVE FUN!