Print this Tech Form, fill it out and bring it along with you on race day to save time during registration.

NOTE: Registration closes at 8:30am SHARP!!! Tech will close before that, so be paid and ready to race by 8:30am, or you'll get to spend the day spectating.


2013 Arkansas Region Autocross Schedule
March 2 War Memorial Event #1    
April 6 War Memorial Driver School    
April 7 War Memorial Event #2    
April 27 Blytheville, AR Test & Tune    
April 28 Blytheville, AR Events #3    
May 19 War Memorial Event #4    
June 15 War Memorial Event #5    
July 4-7 Blytheville, AR SCCA Pro Solo & National Tour    
July 27 War Memorial Event #6    
August 17 War Memorial Event #7    
September 15 Blytheville, AR Governor's Cup (Event #8)    
October 13 War Memorial Event #9    
November 3 War Memorial Event #10    
December 7 TBD Christmas Party    
December 8 War Memorial Hangover Race    
2013 Arkansas Region Rallycross Schedule
April 20 Greenbrier Event #1    
August 3 Greenbrier Event #2    
September 21 Greenbrier Event #3    
November 9 Greenbrier Event #4

ALL DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please check back frequently to be assured of the correct date.

Some Sunday dates MAY HAVE BEEN CHANGED to Saturday dates (or vice versa), so confirm your calendars.

Events with 80 or more drivers will have four run groups and four runs per driver, with all four runs taken during one heat. If there is time left at the end of the day, we may have instructional runs.

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